Come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly...

Okay, now that you're here, ..... where to?

At the moment, the choices are "Noo Cycles" (IE. My Bikes, my ex called me Noo, and others took up the name too.), "Technophilia" (My toys), "Outdoor Interests"( Well, Duh;^), pages about my VWs, house, oh, and something about the creator.

There WILL be a wider choice available, but it's goin' to be a Pantene process ("It won't happen overnight, but it WILL happen";^)

Anyway, try what we've got now, and "watch this space"!


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Why Frankensite?
What I'm about here.....
Noo Cycles
Outdoor Interests
Tigger and Co..
VW Baywindow Trucks
Ozdak - Informal Oz VW Interest Group

Why Frankensite??

Elementary, my dear Watson. What's been put together so far has borrowed from, or been gifted with, little gems of HTML code, backgrounds, buttons & bows etc from all over the world (thanks to all my li'l elves), much like half of the decent sites I've seen.

Anyway, Frankensite IS a "bitster" at this time, even if it wasn't put together by a mad scientist (while I have a great deal of interest in scientific matters, I ain't a scientist, mad, that's another issue altogether!).

Obviously, not much has happened to date (trying to get a life & make ends meet), but if you stick around a bit longer, you'll hopefully see Frankie grow in many directions, as I said, science is one of my interests, computers in particular is another, against this is balanced a wide array of outdoor interests ( Bushwalking, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, X-Country Skiing, Canyoning, Caving, Rock Climbing etc ), as well as interests in music, graphics, animation NB. Why is it that all Manga freaks over 12 work in the computer industry?, NLP, Huna, general spirituality etc, ad infinitum.

NB. Those of you from North America may notice that I spell things a bit differently from you, that's because I'm Australian, and we still use the original version of the English language over here (when I'm not getting my words mixed up, that is). Please don't let that stop you sending things across.


What I'm about here.....

I don't know about anyone else, but the technology of computers, the Web, and the rest of the things that the Ludites hate so much are a core part of my work and play. I spend much of my time chasing around the net for most of the myriad things that interest me, whether they're technological or not, and trying to educate the technophobes in my life about the benefits of what they refuse to learn (the score's pretty good so far). Then I get to go to work and do it all over again!

One thing that I haven't got to play with (I mean, look into) as yet is setting up sites that are appealing and useful to others, so that's why I'm here! ( I'll worry about the bane of corporate computing (Security) some other time & place), it'd be good to get an idea of how this effort's going, so please let me know if you have any comments.

If there's something you'd like to ask or tell me, or you'd just like to say hello, please send me an email. My address is;