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VW Baywindow ('68 - '79) Type2 Trucks

One thing I've found, looking around the Net, is that there are plenty of Splittie ('49 - '67) resources available, but relatively few Baywindow ('68 - '79) ones, especially for the Single Cab & Double Cab trucks.

As my Type 2s are all Bays ( '74 camper, two DCs ('75 & '79), and a '72 SC at this point ), I'd love to get a resource point for Baywindow trucks up & going, so that's what this'll be, if it gets off the ground.

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Okay, now that you're here, ..... where to?

Obviously, there ain't too much here yet, but I'm hoping to have more here soon, so...

"watch this space"!


I have a number of projects planned for the trucks, few of which I've managed to document ;^)

At this time, the Yeti Project would be the most ambitious, though I'm most likely to get the Tonka Truck going LONG before Yeti even gets started.

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