What's to tell you about me?

More than you want to know, I'd say at a guess, but you DID come here, soooo......

Short version, male, white, single, works in computers (has done work measurement, accounting, banking, office administration, management, counselling, and bike mechanics), enjoys most outdoor activities, spends too much time at the computer, has realised that, not only can't white men jump, they can't sing or dance too well either!

While travel is a strong interest of mine, the unfortunate facts of life are that one has to make a living, pay off the house etc, etc, so the majority of the travel I've done is in Australia, travelling & camping in my old Kombi Campmobile for the last few years. Overseas travel to date has been three, one month trips, to Hawaii (the actual island of Hawaii) to do courses (TERRIBLE PLACE TO HAVE TO GO ;^), and I spent extra time on Kauai, Molokai, and Oahu (poo) the first year I was there. Otherwise, a 6 week campervan/bike holiday in NZ, a 5 week campervan/bike holiday in Tasmania (OK, it's part of Australia, but it IS overseas!), and 5 weeks trekking and sightseeing in Nepal and India in March/April 2001. Unfortunately, we DIDN'T get lost and wander into Tibet :o( I've had a pull to go there since I was a kid, but 4100 M was bad enough, without climbing the rest of the way).



Name: Neale Green

Date of Birth: 17/10/60

Nationality: Australian

Employment: Banking, Work Measurement, Office Administration, Accounting, Computing, Business Relationship Management, with Counselling & Bike Mechanics as parallel careers.

Computing Specialty: Mid-Range Computer Platform Operating System & Network Security

Hobbies: Computers, Photography, Bushwalking, Camping, Cycling (road), MTB, Canyoning, Caving, Kayaking, Cross Country Skiing, Rock Climbing, Travel (Car Camping with Campervan, and general Travel) Building/Working on Bikes.

If there's something you'd like to ask or tell me, or you'd just like to say hello, please send me an email. My address is;

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