Welcome, to the Bikes of Noo

OK, long overdue, but it's taken me a while to (a) build most of the bikes, (b) get digital photos, and (c) get my site to where I can keep it updated easily (here at home) oops, now I've blown my best excuse for NOT keeping my site updated regularly ;^)

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Okay, here's the Dirty Dozen (plus scraps).......

MTB .......................... Titus Quasi-Moto ProFlex 757 Apollo Jaguar

Trials .......................... Craftworks Slalom-Pro Mongoose Trials Mod Bike

Road .......................... Peugeot Izoard

Touring .......................... Gemini 26" Tourer Mega-Mixte 29" Tourer

Single Street .......................... Fixed Bike Craftworks XCR-ONE SingleSpeed

Frankenbike Corner ........................... Diamondback Sorrento Trek 1200

Old Bikes Home .......................... Giant ATX890 Tourer Shogun Metro SE Hybrid Scorpio RSX-400 Road Racer


Titus Quasi-Moto Proflex 757 Apollo Jaguar

Titus Quasi-Moto

This one was a loonnggg process, over 18 months from the time I bought the first parts, to when it FINALLY ran.

It cost me a lot of money & trouble to build up. Every part was individually specified (or made for the job), ordered from all over Australia and North America. When I finally assembled it, there were still a few things to do, like the fact that I wussed out of building the wheels as I'd never built disk wheels, sorting the suspension, find the leak in the rear disk etc etc, all the things that I'd never touched & didn't want to stuff up. Luckily for me, we had a quite capable (if strange;^) young man over here, trying to scrape up the money so that he can finish his degrees in NZ, hence all the "little" jobs that I was worried about were "Done by Dougal". The end result was that my Titus is going ALMOST as well as it can. Still a few points to clear up, but the bike's getting up to speed FAR faster than the rider is ;^)

NB: Aside from the Shogun Metro and the Mongoose Mod bike, this is the only bike that I've got that was basically "new" when I got it. The rest were either bought 2nd hand, or were built up with a significant proportion of 2nd hand parts, so that REALLY makes the Titus 3rd "new" bike I've had, poor me! ;^)

I have managed to ride it enough to think that the hype about Titus bikes is justified. I quite expected that a bike that's 7-8 lb heavier than my 757, with twice the suspension travel, is set up pretty plush AND doesn't have the advantages that the 757's XC specific design does would be terrible in the climbs. Therefore, I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that (while not as spritely as the 757), it could still motor up the hills quite well. Coming down is a whole new experience, still getting used to it, but the suspension just soaks up most of the stuff I was jumping over with the shorter, firmer XC suspension of the 757. It even surprised me on the single track, the Hanebrink is basically an 8" travel fork with spacers to reduce the travel to 6". Therefore, I was expecting the slack head angles to be a major trouble on the tighter singletracks, but the Titus is still quite nimble! All in all, I think I'm going to have a LOT of fun with this bike!


Frame: 1999 Medium Titus Quasi-Moto Aluminium (set to 5.8" travel)

Rear Shock: Stratos Helix Pro

Fork: 1999 Hanebrink DH, set to 6" travel S/N 00791

Headset: Chris King 1 1/8" Nothread

Stem: RaceFace SyStem DH 90mm/15 deg

Handlebar: Easton Monkeylite Hi-Rise Carbon Fibre 26"

Shifters: Shimano XTR M951 Shifter Pods

Helix Pro Compression Control: Shimano 7 speed shifter

Brakes: Hope Pro (C2) disks 185mm F/165mm R, #3 Caliper F/#1 Caliper R

Seatpost: Hurricane Components 100-SS (Super Stout) 27.2mm

Saddle: Tioga Multi-Control XL

Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN72 73 x 113

Crankset: RaceFace Turbine (standard) 180mm 24/36/46

Pedals: Shimano 636

Derailleur Front: Shimano XTR M952

Derailleur Rear: Shimano XTR M951 Rapid Rise

Cassette: Shimano XTR 8 speed 12-32 Ti, 12/14/16 replaced with XT 11/13/15

Chain: SRAM P61

Hubs: Hanebrink 25mm axle, 32 hole (Front), Hope Bulb QR 32 hole (Rear)

Rims: All Weather Sports (AWS) Snowcat 44mm 32 hole rims with 10mm front & 7mm rear offset drillings

Spokes & Nipples: DT Alpine III 13/15/14g spokes & alloy Spline Drive nipples

Tyres: Continental Vertical Pro 2.3" Front & Rear

ProFlex 757

The bike which makes a fool of the "experts" who say that they're all crap.

My first foray into Full Suspension! I picked this one up cheap through a friend's store, he'd sourced me the '97 ProFlex Beast for my then partner, and we were all quite impressed with it, so when someone came in offering this tired old girl at a good price he grabbed it for me. The 757 was the bottom of the serious XC machines in '97, but as the only original items left are the frame, fork linkage & legs, rear end, headset, stem and tyres, it's not THAT much of an issue, is it? ;^) She's been upgraded to a full '98 XTR configuration, with Risse Genesis air shocks front & rear, Easton Monkeylite bar and a good, light, wheelset, which have made a world of difference to her. If possible, I'd still entertain getting the carbon fork legs & swingarm for her & WTB Stealth pedals to drop a bit of weight, doubt if I'll get around to spending the USD $5-600 to get a GOOD lightweight wheelset though. She's pretty good the way she is, and I couldn't really ask for any better.

I haven't personally seen, or seen any evidence of, any other design which makes a better XC Full Suspension bike than this. The bike can be built very light (about 23lb now, and I could still drop a couple of pounds if I wanted to spend the money), the "dig in" rear end actually does so, so you don't lose traction OR lose too much energy to bobbing. The Crosslink front forks are the best thing you could have for an XC bike, as they don't bob when you're up on the pedals (climbing etc) due to the linkage design. Therefore, it's a very light bike that doesn't bob, gives plenty of traction, and soaks up the bumps pretty well up and down hill, yeah I can see why the "experts" don't like it. Who cares? I love it for XC and won't be getting rid of it until it dies.


Frame: 1997 Medium ProFlex 757

Rear Shock: Risse Racing Genesis Air Shock

Fork: 1997 Crosslink Elite, with a Risse Racing Genesis Air Shock and SRP Ti bolt kit

Headset: Tange 1 1/8" Threadless

Stem: Titec 150mm convertable

Handlebar: Easton Monkeylite Hi-Rise Carbon Fibre 26"

Shifters: Shimano XTR M950 Shifter/Brake Lever Combos

Brakes: Shimano XTR M950 V-Brakes

Brake Boosters: Shimano XTR Carbon Brake Boosters Front & Rear

Seatpost: Onza Pro 27.2mm

Saddle: Specialized Evolution

Bottom Bracket: Shimano XTR M950 68 x 112.5

Crankset: Shimano XTR M951 180mm 24/36/46

Pedals: Shimano 535

Derailleur Front: Shimano XTR M950

Derailleur Rear: Shimano XTR M951 Rapid Rise

Cassette: Shimano XTR 8 speed 12-32 Ti, 12/14/16 replaced with XT 11/13/15

Chain: SRAM P61

Hubs: Specialized Stout Superfly 32 hole (Front) Sachs Quarz 32 hole (Rear)

Rims: Syncros XLT 32 hole

Spokes & Nipples: Wheelsmith 15g DB spokes & alloy nipples

Tyres: Panaracer Duster II Kevlar 2.1" Front & Rear

S/N: H7A018194

Jaded Jaguar- Old Skool MTB/Commuter



Frame: 197? Apollo jaguar

Fork: Cromoly 700c Hybrid fork with cantilever studs

Headset: ?????? 1" threaded

Stem/Handlebar: 27" wide integrated cromoly stem and straight handlebar

Brake Levers: Shimano XT Cantilever levers

Shifters: 199? Deore 7/8 Speed Thumbshifters

Brakes: Onza HO cantilever brake, front, Weinmann 610 Centerpull brake, rear

Seatpost: Cromoly 25.4mm

Saddle: Oasis Gel & sprung comfort seat

Bottom Bracket: ??????


Crankset: Shimano Alivio 175mm 24/34/42

Pedals: Shimano Exage Trail platform

Derailleur Front: Shimano AceraX

Derailleur Rear: Shimano Acera X

Hubs: Shimano Altus 36 hole, with 7 speed freehub at rear

Rims: Araya 700c PX-35, 36 hole

Spokes & Nipples: ?????????? 15g Stainless

Tyres: WTB Nanoraptor 700 x 52c front, Panaracer Smoke 700 x 45c rear

Rear Rack: Blackburn ????

S/N: M5-12887


Craftworks Slalom-Pro Mongoose Trials Mod Bike

Craftworks Slalom-Pro

Took a while, and a few VERY different configurations, but it's getting there...

./images/crafty.jpg ./images/crafty1.jpg ./images/craft.jpg

The purpose for this bike was (and is) to learn trials skills before I kill myself. Like most of my bikes, it's been a LONG process to get the parts together & build it (as you can see, it's still not complete), but it's getting there, just need a front derailleur to shorten the hydraulic hoses, and she'll be finished. I'm glad I bought the frame way back though, Craftworks only offers them in the Kawasaki Green of the XCR now, and I much prefer the Mango. The frame is incredibly strong for the weight, so it should be able to handle even my weight & clumsiness! The movable brake mounting plate enabled something else too, I had 3 of the 44mm Snow Cat rims custom drilled over in Alaska, the two on the Titus are fine (disk brakes), but the rear for the Slalom-Pro is using HS-33 rim brakes, so being able to move the brake studs out to the brake plate mounting holes meant that I could use the maggies with the big rim.

./images/brake.jpg ./images/crafty2.jpg

Frame: 1999 Craftworks Slalom-Pro

Fork: 1998 Manitou Xvert R with 1999 TPC+ cartridge & Firm Ride Kit (Done by Dougal)

Headset: Shimano cartridge Threadless

Stem: Club Roost 50mm DH stem

Handlebar: Profile Tomac Tenacious D 28" width, 3" rise

Shifters: Sachs Extreme 8 speed

Brakes: Maguara HS-33 Front & Rear

Brake Boosters: Magura Front, modified Craftworks Brake Mounting Plate rear

Seatpost: Kalloy 30.4mm / 350mm

Saddle: Selle San Marco Technica

Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN72 68 x 113

Crankset: Raceface Turbine 175mm (Compact) Shimano rings 22/32/eNVy Bash Ring

Pedals: Shinano Deore DX, changing to Wellgo Platforms

Derailleur Front:Shimano LX 569 (coming when I find it)

Derailleur Rear: Shimano XT 739

Cassette: Shimano XT 8 speed 11-30

Chain: Shimano HG70

Hubs: Sachs/Magura Louise Pro 32 hole Disk hub (Front) Hope Ti Glide 36 hole Disk hub (Rear)

Rims: Syncros XLT 32 hole (Front) AWS Snowcat 44mm 36 hole rim with 7mm rear offset drilling (Rear)

Spokes & Nipples:DT Alpine III 13/15/14g spokes & Brass nipples

Tyres: Continental Vertical Pro 2.125" (front), and 2.3" (Rear)

S/N: P9070960

Mongoose Trials Mod Bike

Probably one of the strangest Mod bikes out there, but it fits at last.

I bought the Mod bike a few years ago to try & work on bike handling (trials) skills, but I could never get a stem to get it to fit me. We tried to sell it, then a friend pointed out that you can get one particular BMX bar (Club Roost BMX Pro) with a removable brace, so we finally fixed that problem. As you can see, it needs longer hoses now, but I've got a longer set of stainless steel hoses, Plazmatic Brake Pads & a Threshold 4 bolt Magura booster waiting to go onto it. When that's done I'll have the Mod for local hopping (or at least, trials practice that you drive to, you CANNOT ride a mod bike anywhere, it's quicker to walk!)


Frame: 1997 Mongoose Trials Mod Bike with 4 bolt Magura trials mounts

Fork: 1997 Mongoose Trials with 4 bolt Magura trails mounts

Headset: 1 1/4" threaded

Stem: 1 1/4" threaded hi-rise 80mm

Handlebar: Club Roost BMX Pro bars, 28" wide, 8" rise

Brakes: Maguara HS-22 Front & Rear (HS-33 levers, Magura braided hoses and Plazmatic Brake Pads to be fitted)

Brake Boosters: Magura Front, Threshold 4 bolt booster rear (to be fitted)

Seatpost: ???? (22.2mm?)

Saddle: Plastic Unicycle

Bottom Bracket: ??????

Crankset: 165mm Trials cranks

Pedals: Platforms

Chain: ??????

Wheels: 20" Front/19" Rear rims, 36 hole Sovos hubs, 14g spokes

Tyres: 20x2" Front & 19x2.5" rear Monty Trials tyres

S/N: P5101774


Peugeot Izoard

Peugeot Izoard

This is BY FAR the cheapest bike in the stable, I picked it up from a trade-in at a friend's shop for less than $200, but it's seen more miles than the rest!!!

Now this one was a find! I was helping out at a friend's shop, and was taking a trade-in bike out the "bargain" rack out front. The tri bars on one bike (this one, obviously) caught my eye, so I had a look at it. The gear level was reasonable, it was reasonably light, and it was in pretty good shape, a bit of surface rust because it had been stored at the beach, but generally in good shape. The guy who was running the shop that day had looked at the rust & thrown it out on the cheap rack without bothering to see what the bike was like at all. Anyway, I talked it over with the owner, and got it for $200. It's had a new chain, tune up, new pedals, crankset, seat and stem out of the parts bins and a new UN72 BB. Total cost under $250! It's a perfect commuter & sports touring bike except for the Michellin tyres, which fell apart. No biggie, had spares anyway ;^)


Frame: 1994 Peugeot Izoard

Fork: Cromoly 700c road fork

Headset: ?????? 1" threaded

Stem: Agressor 130mm 90 degree Ti road stem

Handlebar: 3T Prima 220 42cm anatomic bend road bars

Brake Levers/Shifters: Shimano RSX 8 speed STIs

Brakes: Shimano RX100 dual pivot calipers

Seatpost: Stronglight alloy 24mm

Saddle: Selle San Marco Rolls


Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN72 68 x 118

Crankset: 1995 RX100 triple 170mm 30/42/52

Pedals: Generic platform & cage

Derailleur Front: Shimano 105SC Triple

Derailleur Rear: Shimano RX100

Cassette: Shimano 8 speed 11-30

Hubs: Shimano 600 Ultegra 8 speed

Rims: Velocity Deep-V 700c

Spokes & Nipples: ?????????? 15g steel

Tyres: Continental Supersport 700x23c Kevlar

S/N: Y009 18669


Gemini 26" Tourer Mega-Mixte 29" Tourer

Gemini 26" Tourer


I had the "order" in with a friend for a while for this frame (once I finally worked out what I was looking for), and it finally came in as a trashed trade-in MTB. Early '90s steel MTB frame, 21" "square", only thing it's missing is rack mounts and enough bottle cage mounts, so I'll add those when I have a chance. The original parts were tossed into the parts pile when I got it (now passed on to someone else to update his bike), to be replaced with the parts build I'd evolved with the Giant as a 26" tourer. I don't think I could have gotten a better 26" tourer ( for ME ) if I'd bought one of the purpose built, big dollar brand models, happy camper, I am. ;^)

One of the reasons to stay with the Gemini for the primary tourer is the fact that I can run anything from 1", to over 2 1/4" tyres on it, WITH FENDERS. So, I stay with the 1 1/2" Cheng Shins most of the time, but I can run the 2.3" Continental Vertical Pros if I'm going to be on soft surfaces (sand, Aussie bull dust roads etc)

Frame: 199? Gemini Elevation 21" Tange Cromoly


Fork: Cromoly Rigid 1 1/8" threaded, 2" suspension corrected

Headset: ????? 1 1/8" Threaded

Stem: SoftRide 120mm Cromo Suspension Stem (with shim)

Handlebar: Nitto Dirt Drops

Shifters: Suntour 7/8 speed Command Shifters

Brake Levers: Dia-Compe 287V Road V-Brake levers + Paul top bar levers.

Brakes: 1997 Shimano LX V-Brakes, + Drum brake in ATOM Freewheel hub


Brake Booster: Shimano XTR Carbon Brake Booster on Rear

Seatpost: Thudbuster Quadrapivot (2nd generation) 25.4mm

Saddle: Velo (take off)

Bottom Bracket: 1999 Shimano XTR M950 68 x 112 splined

Crankset: 1999 Shimano 105 Triple 26/38/48

Pedals: Crank Bros Egg-Beaters

Derailleur Front: Suntour Compe-V Reverse Pull

Derailleur Rear: Shimano Super Plate with Avid Rollamajig & Bassworm

Cassette: Shimano XTR Ti 8 speed Mix 11-32


Freewheel: Custom Suntour Winner Pro 13-38 7 speed freewheel

Chain: SRAM P61

Front Wheel 1: Schmidt SON 36 hole Dynohub, DT 14/15g DB spokes, Velocity AeroHeat 36 hole rim

Front Wheel 2: Suzue 36 hole hub, Araya RM-20 Super Hard Anodised 36 hole alloy rim.

Rear Wheel 1: Shimano 36 hole 8 speed freehub, DT 14/15g DB spokes, Velocity AeroHeat 36 hole rim.

Rear Wheel 2: ATOM 36 hole Drum Brake Freewheel hub, Araya RM-20 Super Hard Anodised 36 hole alloy rim.

Tyres: Cheng Shin 1.5" inverse tread/Schwalbe Marathon XR 1.75" Kevlar Bead/Continental Vertical Pro 2.3"


Racks: Jandd Extreme front, Jandd Expedition rear

Bike Luggage: Brule Mountain Gear (BMG) - Euro Tour PanPack front panniers, World Tour PanPack rear panniers, NooCycles Faux Frog Handlebar bag

Trailer: BOB Yak single wheel trailer

Stand: ESGE/Pletscher double-leg kickstand

Mudguards: Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore

Lights: Lumatec standard 3 watt headlight, VistaLite 3 LED taillight


NooCycles Mega-Mixte 29" Adventure Tourer

./images/megamixte2.jpg ./images/shogun.jpg ./images/bike.jpg

Found an old (70's) 27" Apollo dumped in the corner of a friend's boat yard, chain rusted solid, cheap chromed forks rusted, but the frame looked pretty good, and the gear on it was quite good, so I dragged it home to see if it was "do-upable".

The old girl's been re-fitted for a new life as a 29" Adventure Touring bike, she's acquired the Softride suspension stem off the Giant, my original Thudbuster seatpost, rack off the Giant etc etc, The Shogun's rims & WTB Nanoraptor 700c x 2.1" tyres, and assorted frame parts from the Shogun, to become a 29" MTB/Touring bike.

OK, the rebuild has been done, basically, all original plans fell through, so we went the budget approach ( chop up what I had around, to make the new bike ), which worked amazingly well. So, the Shogun died. It donated dropouts, to add Smiley's Dropout Extensions front and rear, to give clearance for the 29" tyres, seat stays and downtube, to become the new dropped top tube and mid-stays in its change to the Mixte bike, with enough standover clearance to safely use off-road, canti studs for the extended front forks, rack mount barrels, cable stops, brake cable noodle (originally for rear canti) to route the rear derailleur cable etc.

The existence of the Mega-Mixte is all due to Chris, who wishes to remain nameless to avoid persecution for crimes against bicycles ;^) If Chris hadn't offered to do, and done such a great job of, the welding/brazing the bike after we chopped the two bikes to pieces, I'd be still sitting around wishing and waiting to learn how to braze. Thanks Chris ( I mean, oh nameless torch man ;^)

The Mega-Mixte will be a 700c version of the Gemini, run either touring ( 38-40mm ), or the 700c x 2.1" Nanoraptor 29" MTB, tyres ( with fenders), and have the equivalent gearing, brakes, shifters etc.

Frame: 70's Apollo columbus tubing caliper brake frame ( + Shogun dropouts, seatstays, downtube, cable noodle & assorted braze-ons now)

Fork: 27" stainless steel caliper brake fork, extended with Shogun dropouts & with canti studs added

Headset: ?????? 1" threaded

Stem: Softride Cromo 120mm suspension stem

Handlebar: Nitto Dirt Drop bar

Shifters: Suntour 7/8 speed Command Shifters

Brake Levers: Dia-Compe 287-V and Paul Cyclocross top bar levers

Brakes: Shimano LX V-Brakes

Seatpost: Thudbuster 25.4mm

Saddle: Velo takeoff

Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN71 68 x 122.5

Crankset: Shimano 600EX 175mm 48/38/26 Biopace.


Pedals: Crank Bros Egg-Beaters

Derailleur Front: Suntour Compe V

Derailleur Rear: Shimano Super Plate with Crud Cog

Cassette: Shimano XTR 8 speed Ti 12-32

Front Wheel: DT Swiss 32 hole dynohub, Velocity Dyad 32 hole rim.

Rear Wheel: Shimano Altus 36 hole 8 speed freehub, Araya PX-35 36 hole rim

Tyres: Specialized Nimbus EX-700x38c/Schwalbe Marathon XR 700x47c/WTB Nanoraptor 700c x 2.1"

Racks: Rivendell model cromoly Nitto Mini-Rack front, custom cromoly rear

Stand: ESGE/Pletscher double-leg kickstand

Mudguards: Planet Bike ATB Freddy Fender Hardcores

Lights: DT Swiss rechargeable light front & 18 LED rechargeable rear

S/N: M3-J1081


Fixed Bike Craftworks XCR-ONE SingleSpeed

Fixed Bike

New life for the Columbus frame, it'll be a Road/Training fixed gear training bike. Nice old Columbus frame, unicrown forks, stem off the Pug, 40cm Icon ergo bars off the "parts" Trek, Campagnolo Triomphe Non-Aero brake levers, Centre-Pull brakes, Campagnolo Italian BB, Shimano 600 Cranks and wheels etc etc. Roughies like me need all the help they can get to start pedalling more smoothly & learning to spin properly ( OK, better).


Frame: 19?? Columbus lugged frame

Fork: 700c unicrown steel, 1" threaded steerer

Headset: ?????? 1" threaded

Stem: Alloy 125mm 73 degree road stem

Handlebar: Icon 40cm Modolo anatomic bend road bars

Brake Levers: Campagnolo Triomphe Non-Aero levers & hoods

Brakes: Dia-Comp standard reach Centre-pull.

Seatpost: Generic 26.8mm cromoly

Saddle: Northstar

Bottom Bracket: Campagnola Italian 70 x 107

Crankset: Shimano 600 (early Ultegra) 170mm 42 tooth

Pedals: VP Clipless

Cog: Screw on 14 tooth track cog

Hubs: Shimano 600, 36 hole, thread on sprocket

Rims: Mavic GP 4 36 hole Tubular rear, Campagnolo Omega Strada front

Spokes & Nipples: ??????15g steel

Tyres: Michelin Liberty 700x22c Single rear, Roadlite FX 700x19c clincher front

Craftworks XCR-ONE Singlespeed

When looking for a cheap frame for a SS project, the owner of Craftworks offered me a wonderful deal on one of their top of the range XC frames, while rigid was the plan, getting a rigid fork worthy of it would have cost money, so the DH3 off the Giant found a home.

This frame is really too good for a Singlespeed project bike, but the deal that Robert Crafter gave me was WAY too good to pass up. Aside from the colour (which is starting to grow on me), it's a beautiful frame, triple butted 7005 Aluminium with lovely CNCed yokes, built to the same standards all the good frames from the Pacific Factory are. Half of the bike will be 2nd hand, forks, bars, grips, stem, seat, crankarms, pedals, brakes, brake levers (sorta) brake booster, front wheel, rear hub etc etc. I picked up the frame & seatpost cheap, getting good prices on the headset, BB, chain & rear rim, the Surley Blowerdrive SS spider & Paul Melvin tensioner weren't cheap, but they're good bits of gear.


Frame: 2000 Craftworks XCR-ONE

Fork: 1996 Marzocchi DH3 3" travel Air/Oil shock with spring upgrade

Headset: Richey Logic 1 1/8" Threadless

Stem: Specialized 130mm, 15 degree

Handlebar: Syncros 24" low rise riser bar

Brake Levers: 1998 Shimano XT M739 V-Brake levers

Brakes: 1997 Shimano XT M739 V-Brakes

Brake Booster: Shimano XTR Carbon Brake Booster on Rear

Seatpost: Ritchey Logic 30.4mm / 350mm


Saddle: Alba Ti rail saddle

Bottom Bracket: Shimano UN72 68 x 113

Crankset: Shimano LX 569 175mm crank arms/Surley Blowerdrive spider/32 tooth Shimano Compact Chainring

Pedals: Tioga Platforms

Chain Tensioner: Paul Melvin

Cog: Shimano BMX 14 tooth

Chain: 1/2" x 3/8 single chain

Hubs: Shimano XT M737 32 hole Front and DX BMX 36 hole (modified with 135mm QR spindle) Rear

Rims: Bontrager Mustang 32 hole Front & Alex DH Double Wall 36 hole Rear

Spokes & Nipples: DT 15g DB stainless spokes, alloy nipples

Tyres: WTB Velociraptor 1.95" Kevlar Front & Rear

S/N: P9121897


Warning!!!!! People who believe that there is a "right" way to put a bike together should go no further. Disregarding this message may cause disturbance!

I suppose you could call these bikes mongrels. They've mutated through a few different forms at this point, eventually coming back to somethng close to what they were originally.

The Sorrento has been fitted with whatever parts will go on to make a decent running bike. The Trek started "life" as a REASONABLE road racer with full RSX group, STI levers, dual pivot brakes etc, now it's a hybrid with hybrid wheels, stem, bar & brake/shifter combos off the hyrid etc. Poor thing will get an identity crisis, eh?

Diamondback Sorrento Trek 1200

Diamondback Sorrento - Club Loaner Bike

This one is actually living elsewhere now it's finished, but maintenance will still be my responsibility, it was born out of the perception that we could get more interested in our club rides (Bushwalking Club, but we do road & MTB riding, canoeing, canyoning, caving...., you get the idea) if people could borrow a bike & try it out. A friend had a 16" Sorrento frame & fork hanging out the back of his shop, and I scammed a few other things out of HIS parts bins (cranks, front & rear derailleurs, stem, bars, seatpost & saddle etc), and the rest out of MY parts bins (Lizard std pull brake levers, XT Thumbshifters, LX copy Cantis, LX/Mavic 238 wheelset, cassette etc), and a few other parts that were needed, like the "fixer" BB, as the BB threads were totally chewed.


Frame: 1994 Diamondback Sorrento

Fork: Cromoly 26" rigid with cantilever studs

Headset: ?????? 1" threaded

Stem: 6cm Cromoly Hi-Rise stem

Handlebar: cromoly riser bar

Brake Levers: Lizard std pull ( IE Canti) levers

Shifters: 199? XT Thumbshifters

Brakes: LX Copy Cantilver Brakes

Seatpost: Cromoly 25.4mm

Saddle: Oasis Gel & sprung comfort seat

Bottom Bracket: ?????? "Fixer" (clamps onto outside of BB Shell), due to butchered BB threads

Crankset: Shimano 170mm 28/38/48

Pedals: Generic Plastic

Derailleur Front: Shimano AceraX

Derailleur Rear: Shimano 7 Speed (MR40)

Hubs: Shimano LX 32 hole (8 speed FH-R080 Silent Clutch rear)

Rims: Mavic 238 32 hole 26"

Spokes & Nipples: ?????????? 15g Stainless

Tyres: Super worn Super East 26x1.90 knobby front, Continental Town & Country 26x1.90 touring rear

Rear Rack: Blackburn ????

S/N: I6I17299

Trek 1200 - Parts Donor/Beater/Commuter Bike

This was my friend's son's training bike, until he gave up on it because it was too small for him (51cm). I bought it for the parts, brought it home, stripped EVERYTHING off it, and threw the frame in the corner. The STI levers, bars, dual pivot brakes and half the other parts went straight onto other bikes. Problem came the other night when I mounted the tyres on the Velocity/600 wheelset, put those wheels onto the Pug, and put the Pug's wheels on the Shogun. I was back in the position of having nearly every bike in the place built up, BUT I had this frame in the corner, a wheelset in another corner, bars in the pile over there, DT shifters, BB, crankset, brakes etc in the parts bin...... and that tic started again. Don't you just hate it when the thought, "If I do this and this and this, I can get this going", keeps going through your head? Anyway, as I wasn't going to be able to sleep until I did something about it, I mounted the wheels, fitted the BB & crankset, put the old stem back on it, and fitted the bar, dug a suitable seatpost and seat out of the parts bins, and it's halfway there, enough to sleep anyway.


Frame: ???? Alloy Trek 1200 (51cm)

Fork: Cromoly 700c rigid road fork

Headset: ?????? 1" threaded

Stem: 10cm Alloy 90 degree MTB stem

Handlebar: 23" Alloy flat bar

Lever Combo: 1994, 7 speed Altus

Brakes: Shimano RSX dual pivots

Seatpost: Kalloy Uno 27.2 Alloy

Saddle: Barracuda MTB seat

Bottom Bracket: Basic Cup & Spindle BB

Crankset: Shimano AceraX 22/32/42 MTB

Pedals: Generic Plastic

Derailleur Front: Shimano RSX

Derailleur Rear: Shimano RSX

Cassette: Shimano 7 speed road 13-21

Hubs: Shimano Altus 36 hole (7 speed rear nutted axle )

Rims: Araya 700c hyrbid rims

Spokes & Nipples: ?????????? 15g Stainless

Tyres: Vee-Rubber Vee-Guard 700x25c

S/N: TBI-0405 WTU8HH291R


Giant ATX890 Shogun Metro SE Scorpio RSX-400 Road Racer

Giant ATX890 Tourer

Stop Press: The Giant has now been replaced by the Gemini, to get a better fitting frame, the Giant will proably go back to life as a MTB now.

This one was my first MTB, started life as an XC racing HT, got a fork upgrade, component upgrade (full XTR), couple of good wheelsets from O/S, and Suspension Seatpost to serve as my off-road bike for a couple of years, then the 757 came along & it was "retired" to road use, it's recently been retrofitted with rigid forks, canti brakes, drop bars & STI levers to make it into a 26" tourer.

The Giant was the second bike I've had since I was a kid, I originally bought it as my off-road bike, a ratty ex-racer with a tired Marzocchi EGS fork & tired Deore LX 7 speed drive train. The 20" flat bars went first, replaced by my first riser bar, then the wheels, then the fork (replaced by the Marzocchi DH3 that's on the XCR one now), then the drive train (all XTR), and finally it got the first Thudbuster seatpost. In that form it was my off-road bike for about 2 - 2 1/2 years until it was replaced by the 757. When the 757 became the off-road machine, the Giant replaced the Shogun hybrid as the on-road machine, the 2.1" WTB Velociraptors were replaced by the 1.5" Cheng Shin inverted tread tyres, and it stayed in that state for about 2 years. Then, at the end of last year, I had to use the old Peugeot road bike for a weekend ride as the Giant was in pieces, and I realised HOW hard I'd been making things for myself. Soon after that, the Giant was retrofitted with rigid forks, drop bars, STI levers, old XTR front & rear derailleurs, LX V-Brakes with QBP Travel Agents, Softride Suspension Stem, a '99 Shimano 105 triple cankset & pipe spindle BB etc etc. The bike's WAY better for long road rides now, I'm actually looking forward to doing some more serious touring on this bike, it's strong, comfortable & it'll take me just about anywhere I'm going to want to go on a tour.

Slight change of tack for the Giant, after the Jandd Extreme front rack was installed, the rear rack looked way below par, in regard to strength, so a friend picked me up a Jandd Expedition in the States & sent it over to upgrade that end too. Of course, that means that I had to update the "hardware" in my BMG World Tour PanPack (pannier/backpack) that I'm using on the rear, but Phil Brule sent me a replacement stiffener/frame for $10 CAD with my new Euro Tour PanPack, which will be my front pannier. Matched with the BMG Insulated Hip PanPack (modified with extra straps to work as a handlebar bag), this makes a clean sweep for my touring bike luggage, oh well, if it works, it works. ALSO, I picked up the Schmidt SON dynohub ahead of schedule, as Peter White offered me a nice deal on it, the rim etc have been ordered, so that'll be together soon, I also picked up a set of Strange Brakes (brand, not description) from Peter to replace the LX V-Brakes & Travel Agents. Aside from that, a set of Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore ATB were just fitted (they look so right on a Frankenbike like this), a Nitto Dirt Drop Bar is on order, it'll go on with early aero Modolo levers (with clear anatomic Modolo hoods) and Suntour Command Shifters. I've also got one of the old Avid Micro-Dapters on it's way from the States, and I'm gunna see if I can get the Ti 20 tooth Syncros granny ring back from what's now my ex's shop run bike, and I'll have a hell of a gear range, 20/32 (15.5") bottom gear (if I can't pull up hill in that, I shouldn't be riding), up to 52/11 (117.6") top gear for downhills & windless flats. So, it'll have a SLIGHT change of tack, but have the same purpose.

./images/giant-tour.jpg ./images/giant2.jpg ./images/giant.jpg

The Strange Brakes etc turned up today, and after a bit of fiddling I have them working with Fenders AND a Shimano Carbon Brake booster on the rear (refer below) I don't think you're SUPPOSED to run a brake booster with fenders, but I need the Brake Booster to prevent stay flex, and I choose to keep the fenders, luckily they still work together pretty well ;^).

PS: One of the reasons to stay with the Giant for the primary tourer is the fact that I can run anything from 1", to over 2 1/4" tyres on it. So, I stay with the 1 1/2" Cheng Shins and fenders (1st pic) most of the time, but I can run the 2.3" Continental Vertical Pros (2nd pic) if I'm going to be on soft surfaces (sand, Aussie bull dust roads etc)


Frame: 1995 Giant ATX890

Fork: Alloy Rigid 1 1/8" threaded, 2" suspension corrected

Headset: Chris King 2Nut 1 1/8"

Stem: SoftRide 120mm Cromo Suspension Stem (with shim)

Handlebar: Nitto Dirt Drops coming

Shifters: Suntour Command Shifters & Modolo Aero Levers going on

Brakes: 199? Strange Brakes (from Strange Cycles, similar to IRD Widgets)

Brake Booster: Shimano XTR Carbon Brake Booster on Rear

Seatpost: Thudbuster Quadrapivot (2nd generation) 30.9mm (honed seattube to fit)

Saddle: Velo (take off)

Bottom Bracket: 1999 Shimano 105 Triple splined 68 x 118 (being replaced by XTR M950 68 x 116.5 splined)

Crankset: 1999 Shimano 105 Triple 30/42/52 (getting Avid Microdapter & 22/20 tooth extra granny)

Pedals: Shimano 535 (Crank Bros Egg-Beaters going on)

Derailleur Front: Shimano XTR M901 (Sachs reverse pull going on)

Derailleur Rear: Shimano XTR M910 (Suntour XC-Pro long cage going on)

Cassette: Shimano XTR Ti 8 speed 11-32

Chain: SRAM P61

Front Wheel: Schmidt SON 36 hole Dynohub, DT 14/15g DB spokes, Velocity AeroHeat 36 hole rim

Rear Wheel: Atom 36 hole, drum brake, 8 speed freehub, DT 14/15g DB spokes, Velocity AeroHeat 36 hole rim

Tyres: Cheng Shin 1.5" inverse tread

Racks: Jandd Extreme front, Jandd Expedition rear

Bike Luggage: Brule Mountain Gear (BMG) - Euro Tour PanPack front panniers, World Tour PanPack rear panniers, Insulated Hip PanPack as handlebar bag

Trailer: BOB Yak single wheel trailer

Stand: ESGE/Pletscher double-leg kickstand

Mudguards: Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore

Lights: Lumatec standard 3 watt headlight, VistaLite 3 LED taillight

S/N: CL480826

Shogun Metro SE?

The Shogun was my first bike when I got back into cycling, only bike until I bought the Giant, and was "put out to pasture" when the Giant became the touring bike. Some of the changes tried were Cyclocross/tourer (not quite there), and it WAS going to be the "29 inch" MTB/Tourer, until I picked up the old tourer frame which was a much better frame.

The Shogun has now been cannibalised, to provide the parts necessary to change the tourer into a suitable 29" Mixte Adventure Tourer. There are some sentimental attachments to the Shogun, but it's been sitting in a corner, stripped, for so long that it makes more sense to use it to make the the other frame into what I want it to be. (One bike that's what I want, rather than two which aren't)

./images/shogun29a.jpg ./images/shogun1.jpg


Scorpio RSX-400 Road Racer

Hmmm, this one's changed over time, it WAS going to be a nice old Columbus frame with carbon forks & cranks, Sora STIs etc, we had most of the parts together, but never got around to building it (that frame is my Fixed bike now). THEN my friend's son was selling his trick Litespeed Classic, as he's changing over to his sponsor's bike for racing (Avanti Corsa), but the money was too much (no question the bike was worth it, but I couldn't swing it), THEN my friend finally made me an offer I couldn't refuse, an Avanti Kona bike for what it cost him (as the shop), but as the Kona was easy to take back to stock, hardly used, it ended up being re-sold when he had a potential 3 racer sale to one family. So, finally, it's settled on the Scorpio, the wheels, cassette, seatpost, bars, stem, fork, pedals & possibly cranks & BB will be changed for other items, but as a racing chassis, it's a great bike! Probably far better than the old columbus frame would have been, truth be known.


Frame: 2002 Scorpio RSX-400 60 CM

Fork: Carbon 700c road fork with Alloy 1 1/8" steerer

Headset: Cane Creek/Integrated 1 1/8" Aheadset

Stem: ITM Mantis 115mm Ahead road stem

Handlebar: 44CM ITM Super Europa 2

STI Levers: Shimano Sora STI levers

Brakes: Shimano 600 dual pivot calipers

Seatpost: Alloy 27.2mm

Saddle: Selle Italia XO

Bottom Bracket: ???

Crankset: Shimano 600 170mm 42/52

Pedals: Crank Bros Egg-Beaters

Derailleur Front: Shimano Dura-Ace

Derailleur Rear: Shimano Dura-Ace

Cassette: Shimano 600 8 speed 12-23

Hubs: Shimano 600 32 hole

Rims: Mavic Open 4 CD 700c

Spokes & Nipples: DT Competition DB

Tyres: Vittoria Competition Zefir 22 700c x 22


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