This is a page on cycling interests.....

Cycling interests can be quite broad, and in this case they are, everything from wussie, chatty recreational road rides, to flat out 40 KPH chases down twisting singletracks that end up in cracked ribs because you can't make the corner the lighter rider in front of you does...

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This page is broken up into links and write-ups in regard to Equipment, Information sources, Technical, General issues, and specific areas such as Touring, MTB, Trials etc, etc.

NB. You will note that the write-ups on our activities seem rather scarce (well, none, actually), but there will be some, when I get the time. ;^)


NB. Links to other sites from this page should not be construed as an endorsement of these sites, they're an indication that, in my opinion, there is content of great interest in these sites, no more.

Cycle Touring
Road Riding
Mountain Bikes
Bike Trials

Noo Cycle
Outdoor Interests
Sutherland Bushwalking Club

Equipment Suppliers

CycoActive Products
Supplier of interesting and useful bicycle & motorbike accessories, Garmin GPSs Etc.
The Third Hand Loose Screws
The place to find many of the small/old parts & tools that no-one else seems to stock anymore.
Two Wheel Gear
Manufacturor & Supplier of useful commuters' garment bag panniers, which work!
Brule Mountain Gear
Manufacturor & Supplier of the PanPack range, panniers which convert to backpacks when the time comes to leave the bike.
They also make the Waist PanPack, a large insulated bumbag which has attachments to mount it on racks as a rack bag AND,
in at least one case (as a no-cost special order), quick release straps to mount it as a handlebar bag, VERY useful.

Information and Tips

Sheldon Brown's Gearing Page, an entry point into the wealth of information that is Sheldon Brown
Trail Skills Menu
International Human Powered Vehicle Association


Audax UK - Bicycle Lighting - Resource Page
S and S Machine Bicycle Torque Couplings (BTCs)
Damon Rinard's Bicycle Tech Site
Sheldon Brown's Gear Calculator

General Items

Mountain Bike Review, General discussion list, sometimes great, sometimes terrible.
Mike T's FAQ - Bike Tips

Cycle Touring

Neil Anderson's ( Author of "The Lead Goat Veered Off" ) Bike Touring Website
Ken Kifer's Bicycle Touring Pages
Bicycle Fish - Adelaide
Jim Foreman's Favorite Stories
Bicycle Touring Zone
The Mountainbike Expedition Team Homepage
Trento Bike Pages
South America Bicycle Touring Links
Biking Southeast Asia with Mr Pumpy!
Neale's Touring bikes & Gear

Road Riding

Road Bike Review, Product Reviews by users.
Road Bike Review, Discussion lists in a number of areas.
Campy Only!
King Of the Mountain Cycling
Francis & Sheila's Virtual Alps

Mountain Bikes

Mountain Bike Review, Product Reviews by users.
Mountain Bike Review, Technical Discussion lists in many areas.
MTB Suspension Tuning and Technology by Ola H.
Dougal's Bike Pages

Pictures from the MTB events at the Sydney Olympics, 2000

Bike Trials

Trials Online
TRIALSIN USA, one of the bigger on-line Trials gear shops


Riding & Racing Tips - GO-RIDE.COM

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