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Fun outdoors isn't limited to the land, there are lots of enjoyable activities on the water...

Okay, now that YOU'RE here, what IS here?

This page is broken up into links to Equipment, Information sources, and General Canoeing/Kayaking issues.

There will be write-ups on our activities as well, when I get the time. ;^)


NB. Links to other sites from this page should not be construed as an endorsement of these sites, they're an indication that, in my opinion, there is content of great interest in these sites, no more.


Outdoor Interests
Sutherland Bushwalking Club


Outdoor Review, reviews on walking, canoeing, climbing, camping etc equipment by the actual users.

Information and Tips

Outdoor Review, Message board for gear, procedures etc question & answer sessions.

General Items

Articles and stories about hikes, climbs, treks, rafts, paddles and more

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